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Materials for Parents

Reading with your child

Tips for parents of preschoolers

Tips for parents of Kindergartners

In Spanish

Consejos para padres de niños en preescolar

Consejos para padres de niños en el jardín de infantes/kindergarten


Keeping Your Child Safe 

Chance of a Life time: Keep your child lead-safe

What you need to know about Lead poisoning

Transitioning to Kindergarten

Transitioning to Kindergarten Tool Kit

 11 Tips for Kindergarten Parents

Helping your child develop

Help your child develop muscle coordination by letting your child:

  • draw letters or numbers in the sand or on the sidewalk with a paint brush and water
  • use puzzles
  • use clay or dough
  • use crayons, scissors, snaps, buttons, zippers
  • run
  • catch a ball
  • hop on one foot and two feet

Help your child develop independence by letting him/her:

  • make simple choices
  • help choose his or her clothing
  • perform simple household tasks
  • dress him or herself when possible
  • Have your child find letters of his or her name in books, magazines, or signs.
  • Help your child sort things by size, shape, and color (clothing, buttons, dishes).
  • Count seeds, pennies, stamps, M&M's or any other objects.
  • Let your child locate food items in the grocery store by looking at the pictures and the labels.

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