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Occupy LA Solidarity Labor March and Executive Board Meeting

Our agenda for the Executive Board meeting will be as follows:

 Executive Board of Directors
Wednesday, October 19th , 2011 7:30 P.M.
 913 North Broadway
Los Angeles, California
I.                    Call to Order
II.                 Roll Call
III.               Approval of Agenda – Action Item
IV.              Approval of Minutes (September Minutes) – Action Item
V.                 Open Forum – Agenda Items Only (2 minutes per audience member)
Time for members of the audience to address the Board on specific agenda            items only
VI.              Unfinished Business
A.    Bargaining Conference /Training –Discussion/ Action Item (1mins)
The board will discuss the upcoming bargaining conference in Baltimore Maryland. (November 13th – 17) (Daphne Brooks)
B.     LACOE PLAN – Discussion/ Action Item (20mins)
The board will discuss the plan to create a committee of leaders dedicated to advancing the upcoming plan to move LACOE in reference to 2013.
C.     Stewardship Training 1 – Discussion (10mins)
The board will discussion and provide a list of each agencies attendee’s to steward’s training 1. Each Agency should appoint a steward at each site. November 5th, 2011. (Esmie Grubbs)
VII.            New Business
A.     Precinit Walks & Phone Bank Sign up (Ronald Gonzalez Lawrence) – Discussion Item (15 mins) The board will have sign-ups for the upcoming election November 8th, 2011 (Phone-Banking and Precincit Walking). (Esmie Grubbs)
B.     Redondo Beach Public Conference – Discussion/Action (15 mins)
The Board will discussion Local 1475 contribution to the conference in December. (Daphne Brooks)
C.     Occupy LA – Discussion/Action Item (10 mins)
The Board will discuss writing a letter of endorsement and participation in Occupy LA. ( Karo Szymanska)
VIII.                  Reports (3mins per Board Member)
IX.                          Open Forum – Discussion Item (2mins per audience member)
                       Time for members of the audience to address the Board
X.                            Good of the Order (20 minutes)
Time for the Board to bring about recommendations/comments to the           board operation.